Brow Issues? We Got You

Ever wonder how to achieve perfect brows? Same. Like you need something fast, convenient, and takes little to no time in the morning, right? At Genesis we offer 4 different brow services that will change your life, no joke. Brow Lamination, Brow Waxing, Brow Tint, Henna Brow. Each service has its own unique purpose. Combining a few services will cut your makeup routine in HALF…OK I know let me stop building suspense.

Some of you probably think you could never have full brows because yours LOOK so thin. If this problem is up your alley, Brow Lamination is your match. Basically, lamination straightens or relaxes your brow hair making them lay flat, giving you a full, fluffy brow. Sometimes our brow hair can lay all types of ways or curl up, this makes them lay on top of each other causing the illusion of a “thin” brow.

I know you’re already hooked so down to business- this service starts at our introductory rate, $35. Yes, we’re serious lol. This service can last between 4-6 weeks so don’t forget to pre book!

Okay, now you’ve got bold, fluffy brows, let’s shape/wax them. For my guys/ gals that have really sensitive skin and get irritated when getting waxed, fear no moreeee! We use a sensitive wax so it helps prevent some irritation that may occur. Everyone has their own face shape, which is why when we wax, we shape your brows to enhance your features! Pricing varies for each stylist but the starting price is $12! This step is optional, if you like em’ big and fluffy, we can just trim and spot tweeze!

Next, we fill/perfect! So, the million dollar question- Brow Tint OR Henna Brow??? Tinting is just a way to darken your brow hair. Some clients want them really dark while others just want them a shade darker than their natural. Our Tint usually lasts 2- 4 weeks and you can get it touched up every time you get waxed. The tinting process only takes 15 min so it’s not time consuming whatsoever. Brow Tinting is $11 with every stylist!

Now, Henna is similar to tinting EXCEPT henna dyes your hair AND skin instead of just your hair. The vegan, clay pigment is essentially “picked up” by the skin and hair. The process does take about 45 min and lasts about 4-6 weeks! Some prefer Henna over tinting because they get a bolder look that lasts longer because it fills in any gaps and perfects the shape of your brows. I know, you’re hooked on this too but it gets so much better… Pricing for Henna starts at our introductory rate of $35….yes we’re still serious. It is NOT painful at all so don’t be scared to try it, like I mentioned before it is customizable and we have SOOO many shades to work with.

Thanks for tuning in guys, same time next month?? This is one of my favorite subjects besides hair! I’m always into new trends/ techniques since everytime I open Instagram there’s a new trend lol. Especially now since the main features people see are eyes and brows! Let’s make sure they’re poppin! See you soon!