3 Silhouettes Perfect for Spring

Darling Top $38 | Manors Skirt $44

Dawn Top $27

Remy Top $34 | Kancan Jeans $44


This spring we’re obsessed with the Dawn top. From the unbalanced sleeves, to the wrap detail, and yes, the funky pattern, this top is an eye catcher. It will turn heads, whether you’re wearing mom jeans with sneakers or a mini skirt with heels. The Dawn Top is a polyester + spandex blend for comfortable and cool wearing ability in this Texas heat! Not to mention it only has one sleeve, bye bye pit stains. This top is an obvious fun piece for spring, and it checks off our top three must have boxes, #1 easy to style, #2 comfy, and #3  just a little bit extra. Beware of fashion tans, and have fun this spring!  See also our asymmetrical Maybe later top from our curvy collection!


Mini Skirts, Duh.
We know, pretty self explanatory. But we’re not talking about your mom’s denim mini skirt from the 90’s, babe. Something as simple as a skirt is an amazing opportunity to add texture, and a little bit of *spice* to your outfit. So let’s think about fun new textures, pops of color, even throwing in a material that you’d normally reserve for another season, like leather or corduroy! You’ll never regret wearing a statement piece, not only will it get you tons of compliments, but you don’t have to worry about the rest of your outfit. Add a basic top to a fun skirt with some cute jewelry, the easiest outfit there is!

Jeans aren’t usually the first thought when it comes to spring, but it’s really our last chance to wear our favorite pairs! We love to pair distressed jeans with a plain tank, sandals, and don’t forget to add fun accessories! Try a statement earring, layering necklaces, and a simple belt. This may be an easy outfit, but accessories will take it to the next level.

Now let’s talk about our favorite brand, KanCan Jeans! If you haven’t tried this brand… get your rear to Genesis. I promise these jeans will change the way you think about denim, they are the only company we’ve tried that have stretch without sacrificing quality. They offer a wide range of style and sizes, so girl please, treat yourself to some KanCans.

Happy shopping!

– Moe