Hair Extensions 101

Welcome to the world of extensions at Genesis! Out of all of the many different methods for extensions we have narrowed it down to our two favorites! They are both great options to help every girl accomplish their long hair goals! In this blog we will tell you about the different methods we use, who it’s best for and how to properly care for your new long locks at home!

Tape-in Extensions

One of the methods we love to use is the tape-in extensions. Tape-ins are considered semi-permanent extensions that require NO heat, crimping or tugging of the hair. Depending on how they’re cared for and how fast your natural hair grows, tape-in extensions can last around 4-8 weeks before needing to be changed or re-applied. These are best for fine to medium hair types. So with tape in extensions your hair is essentially sandwiched in between the extensions that are lined with adhesive in the middle. The adhesive base is very thin. The tape-ins feel light, lay flat against your head, and blend in easily with natural hair. These extensions will give you length, volume, and texture around the head for the most natural look. To remove tape-in hair extensions we use a spray specifically to dilute the medical-grade adhesive, allowing the weft to be peeled away from the sandwiched hair.

Sew-in Weft Extensions

Sew-in Weft extensions are ideal for medium to coarse, curly or thicker hair. No tape, glue or heat needed for this volume-enhancing look. They are installed by adding 1-3 rows of braided beads to create a secure base then sewing the wefts of hair to the rows. The application takes 2-3 hours and it is recommended to come in every 6 weeks for the hair to be taken out and reinstalled.

One of the biggest mistakes people often make is waiting too long in between visits to get their extensions taken out and moved back up. The longer you wait the more tension gets put on your hair which could eventually make your hair break off.

Home Care

At-home care for extensions is pretty simple but very important.  The extensions need lots of moisture. Here are the Do’s and Don’ts!

  • Do use an oil/ serum
  • Do use a dry shampoo to help you go extra days in between shampoos
  • Do use moisturizing and sulfate free shampoos/ conditioners
  • Do use heat protection
  • Do brush your extensions often
  • Do style like normal
  • Don’t wash your hair every day
  • Don’t sleep with wet hair

Using an oil or serum like Redken’s Argan Oil is imperative for the ends of the hair! It is also recommended to avoid washing your hair every day, which prevents tugging at the root and will extend the longevity of the extensions! To help you go extra days between shampoos, you can use one of our dry shampoos like Redken Deep Clean dry shampoo or Pureology’s Refresh & Go dry shampoo. When it is wash day, make sure you use moisturizing & sulfate free shampoos and conditioners like Redken’s Color Magnetics or Frizz Dismiss as well as Pureology’s Hydrate or Smooth Perfection line – it is HIGHLY recommended. Extensions can be styled just like you style your own. You can blow dry, flat iron, or curl all the same. Just make sure you use a product like Redken’s Iron Shape or Pureology’s Soft Finish Hairspray for added heat protection! The biggest thing is to NEVER sleep with wet hair! Sleeping with wet hair can and will cause more tangling between the wefts or bonds. This will weaken your extensions, cause extensive shedding and make brushing difficult. (Ouch!) So, before you go to bed, make sure your hair is completely dry and tie it in a loose braid or ponytail. Brushing the extensions frequently is also recommended. Make sure to do so using a Wet Brush to ensure it will glide through the natural hair and extensions seamlessly without tugging.

Ready for mermaid hair this summer? Book an extension consultation today! We will discuss your beauty budget, hair goals, service timing, look at inspiration pictures and answer all of your questions. You will also receive a hair prep kit to take home with you that will help get your hair ready for your extension service. The fee for all of this is only $25. Your stylist will book your extension appointment for you during the consultation!

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