Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair

Let’s get to the root of the problem

Healthy hair starts at the scalp. There are multiple ways to support and maintain a healthy scalp. From products you’re applying to the food/ vitamins you consume! The hair follicle has a growth cycle that can be altered by hormones, medications, diet, illness, and many other factors. Healthy scalp with a normal ph (4.5 – 5) is healthy hair. This natural hair acidity prevents fungi and bacteria from growing. Redken products are made with a ph balanced formula! Great product ph is (3.5 – 5.5)

Stay away from shampoos and conditioners with sulfates or parabens. Some people think with oily skin they need to use a sulfate shampoo because it lathers up so well and their hair and scalp are squeaky clean. The problem with this is that it strips away the scalp’s natural oils, causing the scalp to then over produce oil to make up for it…. which then causes you to be even more oily.

Supplements / Vitamins

Try implementing fish oil supplements, it provides essential proteins and nutrients to hair follicles and skin, and promotes circulation in the scalp that may trigger hair growth.

You could also try collagen peptides. Our hair is made of Keratin, it takes amino acids to build Keratin. Collagen is broken down into those amino acids! Collagen is a natural antioxidant that regenerates the hair follicle.

Deep Clean

If you’re not cleansing your scalp effectively, debris can build up causing dandruff, itching and in some bad cases can produce something similar to “cradle cap”. Cradle cap causes crusty or oily scaly patches on a scalp.

Using a scalp brush plus scalp cleansing shampoo ensures a deep clean, Especially if you like to go a few- several days without washing

Hair Wash Day (the right way)

1. Brush out hair before getting in shower (my curly girls…yeah just skip this)
2. Wet hair using lukewarm to hot water
3. Shampoo with Redken Hair Cleansing Cream – Dissolve and break up excess product build up, dirt, and oil on scalp
4. Shampoo again but this time using a scalp brush or vent brush (make sure to use a daily shampoo that is best for your hair type/texture/concerns). Brushing through the hair, focusing on the scalp, with the shampoo in, will thoroughly clean the scalp as well as getting your locks super clean!
5. Conditioner – use from base of scalp to the ends (once a week replace conditioner with a weekly mask)
5. Rinse hair THOROUGHLY & if you want a quick refresh, finish off with cold water to help close the pores of your scalp
6. Another hot tip to keep oil from collecting at your scalp – use Redken’s Deep Clean Dry Shampoo. Spray after styling your hair, use it on second day hair, or 3 or 4 etc!!