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Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair

Healthy hair starts at the scalp. There are multiple ways to support and maintain a healthy scalp. From products you’re applying to the food/ vitamins you consume!

End of Summer Hair Care

These hot, heavy days of summer might have taken its toll on your hair! The sun, heat, chlorine and even saltwater can cause dryness and strip out moisture and color from your hair! Crazy right?? Not to worry, I’m here to give you my professional guide to healthy, shiny, beautiful hair!

Hair Extensions 101

Welcome to the world of extensions at Genesis! Out of all of the many different methods for extensions we have narrowed it down to our two favorites! They are both great options to help every girl accomplish their long hair goals! In this blog we will tell you about the different methods we use, who it’s best for and how to properly care for your new long locks at home!

3 Silhouettes Perfect for Spring

Tops, mini skirts, jeans, and styles!  These are the latest trends this Spring.

How Well Do You Know Your ABC’s?

Our hair has ups and downs just like we do. Over time it can become damaged for literally a million reasons if it’s not getting the support it needs. Then when your hair is damaged or not doing its best, we slap on oils or even try using DIY treatments praying to see the slightest improvement. No more girl, we have the solution! Redken’s Aciding Bonding Concentrate System aka ABC.

Brow Issues?  We Got You

Ever wonder how to achieve perfect brows? Same. Like you need something fast, convenient, and takes little to no time in the morning, right? At Genesis we offer 4 different brow services that will change your life, no joke. Brow Lamination, Brow Waxing, Brow Tint, Henna Brow. Each service has its own unique purpose. Combining a few services will cut your makeup routine in HALF…OK I know let me stop building suspense.