Genesis Top 5 Products of 2021

Everybody has that one product they will always use and trust. It’s a staple in their hair routine, they fell in love and aren’t going back. Sound familiar? We thought it was the perfect time to share our top 5, most sold products of 2021! Maybe we can add a few to your favorites list after this…

Mizani Miracle Milk is quite literally a miracle milk! This leave-in spray is perfect for literally everybody. It’s amazing on textured hair but is so lightweight, ladies with fine hair will love it too. You get 25 benefits with every spray including heat protection! Ladies with curly/ waves spray this instead of water to refresh your hair the next day…talk about a difference. No frizz and defined curls! Plus, it literally smells like coconuts and beach days!

Redken Triple Take 32 is the strongest hold hairspray by Redken. The spray nozzle actually has a tri-uator that provides fine mist to really give a high hold on the hair while keeping it soft and flexible, NO CRUNCH!

Redken Acidic Perfecting Leave- In 5% is a part of Redkens newest line, Acidic Bonding Concentrate. Anyone who has been lightening their hair recently, is a blonde, or your hair just needs extra repair, you will LOVE this whole line. It is a heat protectant, helps reduce frizz and reduces up to 59% breakage when used with the whole line.This Leave in is really lightweight and makes your hair noticeably soft, like really soft. Because it’s so lightweight it doesn’t leave the hair oily or weighed down.

Pureology Soft Finish Hairspray my personal holy grail of hairsprays. First, the name really speaks volumes, after you spray it, you don’t even feel like you applied hairspray. It protects against humidity so well, us Texas girls definitely need that. This hairspray is vegan, good for color care, adds softness, and provides a flexible hold with no crunch.

Redken Deep Clean Dry Shampoo is our all time favorite and best dry shampoo I’ve EVER used. This dry shampoo is for maximum oil absorption, we’re talking 3 or 4 days with no wash, spray deep clean..…que the – ”how would they know?”. It smells so good and is formulated with cornstarch for maximum oil absorption. You are covered throughout the whole day/ night!

Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair

Let’s get to the root of the problem

Healthy hair starts at the scalp. There are multiple ways to support and maintain a healthy scalp. From products you’re applying to the food/ vitamins you consume! The hair follicle has a growth cycle that can be altered by hormones, medications, diet, illness, and many other factors. Healthy scalp with a normal ph (4.5 – 5) is healthy hair. This natural hair acidity prevents fungi and bacteria from growing. Redken products are made with a ph balanced formula! Great product ph is (3.5 – 5.5)

Stay away from shampoos and conditioners with sulfates or parabens. Some people think with oily skin they need to use a sulfate shampoo because it lathers up so well and their hair and scalp are squeaky clean. The problem with this is that it strips away the scalp’s natural oils, causing the scalp to then over produce oil to make up for it…. which then causes you to be even more oily.

Supplements / Vitamins

Try implementing fish oil supplements, it provides essential proteins and nutrients to hair follicles and skin, and promotes circulation in the scalp that may trigger hair growth.

You could also try collagen peptides. Our hair is made of Keratin, it takes amino acids to build Keratin. Collagen is broken down into those amino acids! Collagen is a natural antioxidant that regenerates the hair follicle.

Deep Clean

If you’re not cleansing your scalp effectively, debris can build up causing dandruff, itching and in some bad cases can produce something similar to “cradle cap”. Cradle cap causes crusty or oily scaly patches on a scalp.

Using a scalp brush plus scalp cleansing shampoo ensures a deep clean, Especially if you like to go a few- several days without washing

Hair Wash Day (the right way)

1. Brush out hair before getting in shower (my curly girls…yeah just skip this)
2. Wet hair using lukewarm to hot water
3. Shampoo with Redken Hair Cleansing Cream – Dissolve and break up excess product build up, dirt, and oil on scalp
4. Shampoo again but this time using a scalp brush or vent brush (make sure to use a daily shampoo that is best for your hair type/texture/concerns). Brushing through the hair, focusing on the scalp, with the shampoo in, will thoroughly clean the scalp as well as getting your locks super clean!
5. Conditioner – use from base of scalp to the ends (once a week replace conditioner with a weekly mask)
5. Rinse hair THOROUGHLY & if you want a quick refresh, finish off with cold water to help close the pores of your scalp
6. Another hot tip to keep oil from collecting at your scalp – use Redken’s Deep Clean Dry Shampoo. Spray after styling your hair, use it on second day hair, or 3 or 4 etc!!

End of Summer Hair Care

We know you’re not ready for this summer to be over..But your hair might be!

These hot, heavy days of summer might have taken its toll on your hair! The sun, heat, chlorine and even saltwater can cause dryness and strip out moisture and color from your hair! Crazy right?? Not to worry, I’m here to give you my professional guide to healthy, shiny, beautiful hair!


First, let’s talk detox!

Redken’s Hair Cleansing Cream shampoo strengthens the hair cuticle and removes daily build up from hard water, swimming pools, saltwater and even build up from styling products! It also makes your scalp so clean it’s pretty mind blowing.


Next, your base!

The main key to your hair’s recovery is to start with the RIGHT shampoo and conditioner. Pureology’s Strength Cure line is by far my fave!! It repairs damage, gives hair strength and softness, helps prevent future damage, is sulfate free, 100% Vegan and has Vitamin E to fight color fading! I’m completely obsessed!!


The key is consistency…

Make sure to use this regimen consistently for the best results! First, use Redken’s Hair Cleansing Cream shampoo. Use just like any shampoo and rinse well.

Next, use Pureology’s Strength Cure Shampoo and rinse. Pureology is highly concentrated so it doesn’t take a lot! The little flower on the top of the cap is the amount to use. Ring out as much water as you can and then follow up with Pureology’s Strength Cure Conditioner.

If you are really feeling like your hair needs some extra love, you can do a mask once a week. Pureology’s Strength Cure Superfood mask is great to use every so often in place of the Strength Cure conditioner!

Hot tip: if you let your hair naturally dry overnight, that’s less heat and mechanical damage on your hair! Get faster results and restore more moisture!


I hope you love and enjoy your road to hair recovery! Go check out my Instagram for more hot tips, recommended products and check out my work! I would love to hear from you! @Hair_by_heatherdawn

Let me know if you have any questions!! Don’t ever hesitate to reach out. Us girls gotta stick together!!

With love,


Hair Extensions 101

Welcome to the world of extensions at Genesis! Out of all of the many different methods for extensions we have narrowed it down to our two favorites! They are both great options to help every girl accomplish their long hair goals! In this blog we will tell you about the different methods we use, who it’s best for and how to properly care for your new long locks at home!

Tape-in Extensions

One of the methods we love to use is the tape-in extensions. Tape-ins are considered semi-permanent extensions that require NO heat, crimping or tugging of the hair. Depending on how they’re cared for and how fast your natural hair grows, tape-in extensions can last around 4-8 weeks before needing to be changed or re-applied. These are best for fine to medium hair types. So with tape in extensions your hair is essentially sandwiched in between the extensions that are lined with adhesive in the middle. The adhesive base is very thin. The tape-ins feel light, lay flat against your head, and blend in easily with natural hair. These extensions will give you length, volume, and texture around the head for the most natural look. To remove tape-in hair extensions we use a spray specifically to dilute the medical-grade adhesive, allowing the weft to be peeled away from the sandwiched hair.

Sew-in Weft Extensions

Sew-in Weft extensions are ideal for medium to coarse, curly or thicker hair. No tape, glue or heat needed for this volume-enhancing look. They are installed by adding 1-3 rows of braided beads to create a secure base then sewing the wefts of hair to the rows. The application takes 2-3 hours and it is recommended to come in every 6 weeks for the hair to be taken out and reinstalled.

One of the biggest mistakes people often make is waiting too long in between visits to get their extensions taken out and moved back up. The longer you wait the more tension gets put on your hair which could eventually make your hair break off.

Home Care

At-home care for extensions is pretty simple but very important.  The extensions need lots of moisture. Here are the Do’s and Don’ts!

  • Do use an oil/ serum
  • Do use a dry shampoo to help you go extra days in between shampoos
  • Do use moisturizing and sulfate free shampoos/ conditioners
  • Do use heat protection
  • Do brush your extensions often
  • Do style like normal
  • Don’t wash your hair every day
  • Don’t sleep with wet hair

Using an oil or serum like Redken’s Argan Oil is imperative for the ends of the hair! It is also recommended to avoid washing your hair every day, which prevents tugging at the root and will extend the longevity of the extensions! To help you go extra days between shampoos, you can use one of our dry shampoos like Redken Deep Clean dry shampoo or Pureology’s Refresh & Go dry shampoo. When it is wash day, make sure you use moisturizing & sulfate free shampoos and conditioners like Redken’s Color Magnetics or Frizz Dismiss as well as Pureology’s Hydrate or Smooth Perfection line – it is HIGHLY recommended. Extensions can be styled just like you style your own. You can blow dry, flat iron, or curl all the same. Just make sure you use a product like Redken’s Iron Shape or Pureology’s Soft Finish Hairspray for added heat protection! The biggest thing is to NEVER sleep with wet hair! Sleeping with wet hair can and will cause more tangling between the wefts or bonds. This will weaken your extensions, cause extensive shedding and make brushing difficult. (Ouch!) So, before you go to bed, make sure your hair is completely dry and tie it in a loose braid or ponytail. Brushing the extensions frequently is also recommended. Make sure to do so using a Wet Brush to ensure it will glide through the natural hair and extensions seamlessly without tugging.

Ready for mermaid hair this summer? Book an extension consultation today! We will discuss your beauty budget, hair goals, service timing, look at inspiration pictures and answer all of your questions. You will also receive a hair prep kit to take home with you that will help get your hair ready for your extension service. The fee for all of this is only $25. Your stylist will book your extension appointment for you during the consultation!

Chloe & Selena

Meet the Extension Specialists

3 Silhouettes Perfect for Spring

Darling Top $38 | Manors Skirt $44

Dawn Top $27

Remy Top $34 | Kancan Jeans $44


This spring we’re obsessed with the Dawn top. From the unbalanced sleeves, to the wrap detail, and yes, the funky pattern, this top is an eye catcher. It will turn heads, whether you’re wearing mom jeans with sneakers or a mini skirt with heels. The Dawn Top is a polyester + spandex blend for comfortable and cool wearing ability in this Texas heat! Not to mention it only has one sleeve, bye bye pit stains. This top is an obvious fun piece for spring, and it checks off our top three must have boxes, #1 easy to style, #2 comfy, and #3  just a little bit extra. Beware of fashion tans, and have fun this spring!  See also our asymmetrical Maybe later top from our curvy collection!


Mini Skirts, Duh.
We know, pretty self explanatory. But we’re not talking about your mom’s denim mini skirt from the 90’s, babe. Something as simple as a skirt is an amazing opportunity to add texture, and a little bit of *spice* to your outfit. So let’s think about fun new textures, pops of color, even throwing in a material that you’d normally reserve for another season, like leather or corduroy! You’ll never regret wearing a statement piece, not only will it get you tons of compliments, but you don’t have to worry about the rest of your outfit. Add a basic top to a fun skirt with some cute jewelry, the easiest outfit there is!

Jeans aren’t usually the first thought when it comes to spring, but it’s really our last chance to wear our favorite pairs! We love to pair distressed jeans with a plain tank, sandals, and don’t forget to add fun accessories! Try a statement earring, layering necklaces, and a simple belt. This may be an easy outfit, but accessories will take it to the next level.

Now let’s talk about our favorite brand, KanCan Jeans! If you haven’t tried this brand… get your rear to Genesis. I promise these jeans will change the way you think about denim, they are the only company we’ve tried that have stretch without sacrificing quality. They offer a wide range of style and sizes, so girl please, treat yourself to some KanCans.

Happy shopping!

– Moe

How Well Do YOU Know Your ABC?

Our hair has ups and downs just like we do. Over time it can become damaged for literally a million reasons if it’s not getting the support it needs. Then when your hair is damaged or not doing its best, we slap on oils or even try using DIY treatments praying to see the slightest improvement. No more girl, we have the solution! Redken’s Aciding Bonding Concentrate System aka ABC.

What is ABC and why is it different from anything else? You’ve heard it all before- “this product is hydrating, strengthening, bla bla bla”, BUT this particular system does all that and more. Did you know your hair has its own pH level? Balancing your hair’s pH level helps to seal the hair cuticle, prevents unwanted breakage and locks in natural oils. A balanced pH acts as protection against bacteria and fungus. Maintaining your hair’s pH balance between 4.5-5.5 is the goal. The new Redken Aciding Bonding Concentrate (ABC) is a 3 step process that includes shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in treatment that restores, strengthens, and hydrates dry and damaged hair. ABC heals the hair, whether it be from highlighting, color services, excessive blow drying/ using heat tools, and even from sun exposure and wind. It’s also going to reduce breakage, mend split ends and obviously.. balance the pH of your hair.

The Shampoo itself has 7% citric acid ($31.90), the Conditioner has 11% citric acid ($31.90), and the Acidic Leave- In Conditioner has 5% citric acid ($31.90). Before you google citric acid I got you! Citric acid is known to balance the pH level of your scalp and stimulate hair follicles. Like I said, your hair’s pH level should be 4.5- 5.5. Remember this prevents unwanted breakage and locks in natural oils. It basically acts as a protection shield!


We also have a treatment that goes with the ABC system at Genesis starting at $18. You can get this treatment when you come in for color services or even just for a haircut! This treatment can be customizable so it can fit your hair needs! Amazing right?!

Y’all I’m just in love with these products like seriously Redken did the dang THING with this game changer! So come on in and talk to your stylist about the Acidic Bonding Concentrate your will thank you.


Brow Issues? We Got You

Ever wonder how to achieve perfect brows? Same. Like you need something fast, convenient, and takes little to no time in the morning, right? At Genesis we offer 4 different brow services that will change your life, no joke. Brow Lamination, Brow Waxing, Brow Tint, Henna Brow. Each service has its own unique purpose. Combining a few services will cut your makeup routine in HALF…OK I know let me stop building suspense.

Some of you probably think you could never have full brows because yours LOOK so thin. If this problem is up your alley, Brow Lamination is your match. Basically, lamination straightens or relaxes your brow hair making them lay flat, giving you a full, fluffy brow. Sometimes our brow hair can lay all types of ways or curl up, this makes them lay on top of each other causing the illusion of a “thin” brow.

I know you’re already hooked so down to business- this service starts at our introductory rate, $35. Yes, we’re serious lol. This service can last between 4-6 weeks so don’t forget to pre book!

Okay, now you’ve got bold, fluffy brows, let’s shape/wax them. For my guys/ gals that have really sensitive skin and get irritated when getting waxed, fear no moreeee! We use a sensitive wax so it helps prevent some irritation that may occur. Everyone has their own face shape, which is why when we wax, we shape your brows to enhance your features! Pricing varies for each stylist but the starting price is $12! This step is optional, if you like em’ big and fluffy, we can just trim and spot tweeze!

Next, we fill/perfect! So, the million dollar question- Brow Tint OR Henna Brow??? Tinting is just a way to darken your brow hair. Some clients want them really dark while others just want them a shade darker than their natural. Our Tint usually lasts 2- 4 weeks and you can get it touched up every time you get waxed. The tinting process only takes 15 min so it’s not time consuming whatsoever. Brow Tinting is $11 with every stylist!

Now, Henna is similar to tinting EXCEPT henna dyes your hair AND skin instead of just your hair. The vegan, clay pigment is essentially “picked up” by the skin and hair. The process does take about 45 min and lasts about 4-6 weeks! Some prefer Henna over tinting because they get a bolder look that lasts longer because it fills in any gaps and perfects the shape of your brows. I know, you’re hooked on this too but it gets so much better… Pricing for Henna starts at our introductory rate of $35….yes we’re still serious. It is NOT painful at all so don’t be scared to try it, like I mentioned before it is customizable and we have SOOO many shades to work with.

Thanks for tuning in guys, same time next month?? This is one of my favorite subjects besides hair! I’m always into new trends/ techniques since everytime I open Instagram there’s a new trend lol. Especially now since the main features people see are eyes and brows! Let’s make sure they’re poppin! See you soon!