Featured Stylist

Featured Stylist– Nikki Ruder

I was born and raised in Peona, IL and recently moved to the area! My husband and I got married at the end of June of 2020 after rescheduling and changing the date multiple times, thanks Covid, but it was perfect! We have been together for 4 years now and have adopted 3 fur babies. His family is still in Illinois and mine has migrated to the Nashville area. I am super close with my mom & sister and try to visit them & my nephew as much as possible. I love to paint & journal, and rearrange my house 1200 times in my spare time. I love exploring new restaurants with my hubby!

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Pureology Colour Fanatic is my ride-or-die. I’m not very nice to my hair so this one stop shop saves me. It’s a leave-in, protectant, and detangler in 1 bottle!

Redken Guts takes my flat, straight hair to full and voluminous. I love that the concentrator focuses on my root and doesn’t weigh the rest of my hair down.

This or That:

Long Nails / Short Nails

Studs / Dangly Earrings

Big Texas Hair / Smooth & Sleek Hair

Perfume / Body Spray

Redken / Pureology

Highlights/ Balayage

Heels / Flats

Color Services / Treatment Services

Makeup Brush / Sponge

Curly Hair / Straight Hair