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Stylist of the month – Maribel Lopez

My hubby and I have been married a year and a half, I met him through my sister. We’ve been together since 2015! We have 3 fur babies- 2 rescued and 1 bought. I grew up in Texas City and did cosmetology there. I have been at Genesis for 5 years this month! My favorite service is balayage and doing bob cuts. I love prayer time, cooking, and Disney movies.


Go to products:

  • Pureology soft Finish Hairspray because you can still move the hair and flat iron over it because it’s also a heat protectant!
  • Pureology Refresh and Go Dry Shampoo- It is a life saver and helps control the oil on days 3 & 4 of not washing my hair.

This or That:

Pancakes    Waffles

Summer     Winter

Book     Movie

Spontaneous    Planner

Redken     Pureology

Online shopping     Shopping in the store

Full contour     Natural

Introvert     Extrovert

Early Bird    Night Owl  Both

Sweet     Salty