Social Media Director/Front Desk Support

Hey, name is Naomi, you’ve probably seen me at Genesis with a phone in hand recording everything lol, I am the Social Media Marketing Director here at Genesis. We bring a whole new meaning to “family business”. My aunt, Johnnie, is the owner. Our front desk manager Lisa grew up with my entire family, and I’ve known some of our stylists for 12+ years! Not to mention like half of our stylists are either related or became family by marriage, sooo we’re all real close. Time has seriously FLOWN by. When I started 3 years ago my aunt hired me as front desk support. I had no idea all of the business/ career opportunities that presented themselves, would fit me like a glove. I knew I always wanted to have a career working with people. Social Media Marketing was a perfect match. It’s so much more than just posting a picture, it can actually be really personal and I LOVE these girls, they are comfortable with me so like I said, it’s perfect.  My Aunt and Genesis gave me the chance to start over. I found my niche. I’m forever grateful for this job and the amazing woman I work with who are so much more than just coworkers. 

Ok enough sappy stuff…

When I’m not at work, catch me AT HOOOME. I have become such a homebody, it’s crazy compared to how I used to be. My sister, boyfriend, and I live together. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years, he plays football in New Mexico. He has been home for a while because of the pandemic which is good for me and sucky for him. We go to the gym together but other than that chillin is our favorite thing to do. Opposites definitely attract because him and I are very different. I am a Cancer and he is a Leo. I express all emotions passionately, I can be real sensitive, I want affection and reassurance all the time and lots of personal attention and he’s like stop, pls give me space LOL. My sister and I have a history of trying to kill each other over the stupidest things so I was scared to have her move in with me but if anything she’s been a huge help. We’re really different people, I didn’t start to notice until she got older and got out of the phase of copying everything I do lol. 

My main job here at Genesis is to help new stylists grow. Aside from helping the stylists I take care of the salon’s social media (facebook, instagram, pinterest) / google/ yelp presence. I post on our pages, make sure the world is constantly updated on what’s going on, create videos, ads, marketing photos, make changes to our website, take our company headshots, etc. To sum it up- anything that has to do with a camera or anything online, I’m their girl! My goal is to put Genesis on the MAP. I want us #1 everywhere! It’s so crazy, because I know we’re on our way, our girls are top tier, best in the game hairstylists, and amazing women!