Level 3 Stylist

Hi! I’m Maribel! I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico! My parents decided it would be best to move to Texas, and at 8 months they brought me here! I am married to an amazing man named Alex, we met in November of 2014 outside of his parents house, we had mutual friends that were hanging out together, no I was not knocking on my prince charming door lol. We married 8/11/18 and have had two beautiful dogs. Ha you probably thought I was gonna say kids (; lol, not yet God’s timing is perfect. I rescued both pups and they are spoiled to death!

My passions besides hair are fitness and trying new foods! I’m a foodie so the gym is a must!

I’ve been a stylist since 2011 which is when I started beauty school and the rest is history. I like to do balayages and short haircuts! I’m a firm believer of miracles and the power of prayer to our savior, without him I am nothing and what I do, is to serve him. I know each person I meet is a part of the journey God has planned for me and if I can just do my part to serve my guest with the best of my abilities than I know I’ve done my part, can’t wait to meet you all!!


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Level 3 
Full Highlight + Toner + Haircut & Blowout 166+
Full Balayage + Toner + Haircut & Blowout195+
Color Retouch57+
Haircut & Blowout43+
Keratin Express86+
Keratin Full259+
Shampoo + Blowout29+
Consultation with Gift25