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The hair treatment every Southern girl needs

We can all agree the best part about wash day is the fresh, sleek hair after styling. Wouldn't you love to have that sleek look come effortlessly? This treatment is everything you've been needing and everything your hair is asking for! Introducing Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment.

Heres a quick breakdown of the process:

A stylist at Genesis will prep your hair by cleansing it with a pre treatment shampoo, she'll take you back to her station to dry your hair about 80% dry and then apply the treatment section by section with a brush. Your stylist will seal it in with a special flat iron. This iron is different from most others, because - as you pull the hair through the iron, the iron temperature does not cool down or change in temperature. This is key to the product getting infused evenly into the hair shaft from scalp to ends. The integrity of your hair, your hair's porosity and the type of Keratin you are getting, determines the amount of passes the stylist will take to flat iron the Keratin into your hair. Once she's done, you are sleek and almost frizz free for weeks and maybe monthssss! The type of Keratin you get - determines the steps, treatment time, and the longevity of your results! Remember, this Keratin treatment is heat activated, so for optimum results you will need to blow dry or flat iron for treatment to activate!

From Keratin Complex- "When a Keratin Complex® hair treatment is applied, hair is repaired through our Signature Keratin and a unique blend of ingredients that reinforce weak spots in the hair’s structure to make the hair healthier, stronger and smoother. The keratin treatment is then sealed into the cuticle through the heating process (blow-dry and flat iron) to repair damage and block the humidity that causes frizz. Results are cumulative: the more our keratin treatments are applied, the healthier hair becomes."

Everything You Need to Know About Keratin Hair Treatments: Keratin is a type of protein that is naturally found in hair, skin and nails. Hair us up to 95% keratin, but the depletion of keratin causes hair damage. Over time, keratin is depleted from the hair due to a variety of factors, from environmental factors like sun exposure, to daily stressors like heat styling. Keratin Complex developed a solution to those daily hair stressors and environmental factors. They created Signature Keratin, a proprietary keratin that gives hair strength, elasticity and a youthful, healthy look; this signature keratin is an essential ingredient in our keratin hair treatments. A Keratin treatment will keep your style more fresh for way longer then you're used to.

What are the benefits of a keratin treatment? We believe that we are all unique and should embrace the natural fabric of our hair and never change it – just make it the best version of itself. Our customizable keratin treatments:

  • Improve health of hair

  • Block humidity and eliminate frizz

  • Strengthen and repair damaged hair

  • Reduce breakage

  • Increase manageability and cut blow-dry time

  • Provide anti-aging benefits to the hair

  • Deliver radiant shine

  • Enhance color vibrancy

How long does a keratin treatment last?

A Keratin Complex hair treatment can last up to 5 months, depending on the keratin treatment you get. We have a customizable keratin treatment for every hair fabric.

What are the different types of keratin treatments?

Genesis carries:

  • Keratin Express

  • Keratin Curly

  • Keratin Smooth

  • Keratin MAX

What are you waiting for ? Get your smoothing treatment at Genesis Boutique & Salon today! Reserve Online HERE!


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