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Curly Chronicles Vol 2: What do your curls need?

Hey curly girl! I hope this blog finds you well. I wanted to share some of my secrets to help you with your curly routine. 

A curly cut by a specialist is going to be your first step in perfecting AND loving your curly/ textured hair. You can read our first blog on that here if you haven’t yet, then come back! The next step is learning how to care for it at home. Getting that routine down and actually enjoying it. And that means more than just products! Curly hair is high maintenance until you figure out what works best for you! Then the easier it will be to master.

  1. So first things you need to identify your curl pattern

curl pattern

curl texture

2. Then porosity level: porous hair soaks up water instantly, non porous hair repels water. 

3. Lastly your hair density, this is the amount of hair you have.

Once you’ve figured out those 3 important factors, it’s time to pick the appropriate product for your curl type. Creams, gels, foams are all my favorite. All of those products are not going to give the same results for every curl type. Depending on your curl density, curl pattern, and porosity level products are going to give you different results than someone else. Just like the same haircut wouldn’t look the same on everyone. 

4A curl pattern hair

Curl Pattern: 4A

Hair Density: Medium

Hair Condition: Dry, Damaged, tangles easily

Treat with new redken acidic curls leave- in treatment and style with the new hydrating curl cream

3C curl pattern hair

Curl Pattern: 3C

Hair Density: Fine

Hair Condition: Dry, weak, frizzy

Treat with new redken acidic curls leave- in treatment and style with the new acidic curl line: hydrating curl cream, sculpting curl gel, and the refreshing curl mist

3A Curl Pattern hair

Curl Pattern: 3A

Hair Density: Fine

Hair Condition: Damaged, dry ends, lacking curl bounce and definition

Go straight to styling with the new sculpting curl gel


Say it with me: Application/ distribution/ layering! Application is super important!!! I never just scrunch my products in, I would be FRIZZ CITY!! It’s very important to use the right amount of product as well as distribution!!!! This is sooo important if you struggle with dry frizzy hair! I apply products one by one and comb each product through, every single hair strand should have some amount of product for best results! 

Once I’ve got all my products layered in and evenly distributed I can start styling! For volume I like to comb off the scalp, if I want a more relaxed look I comb my hair down. I gravitate towards products that create a hair cast for less frizz and more hold to last me a couple of days! A satin pillowcase or satin hair bonnet will help to extend your curly to! 

Hot tip: Detox at least once a week to remove product buildup! My favorite is Redken’s Detox shampoo aka cleansing cream. It has your back.. or should I say scalp. It will remove it all!

Then use a rich shampoo like the kerastase curl manifesto shampoo and a protein leave in like redken anti snap or the acidic bonding concentrate. Textured/ curly hair needs both moisture and protein!

Finish with a moisturizing protein treatment for the best results like kerastase curl manifesto mask or the kerastase resistance leave in! 

I know it’s a lot of info and it can definitely feel overwhelming when you’re starting your curly hair journey but Genesis Curly Girls are here for you! Set up a luxury blowout with a curly stylist so we can help you identify your Curl type, porosity and density. We can show you what products would be best for you as well as the appropriate amount you should use. We can walk you through layering products and styling!


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