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Feel Confident in your Natural Texture

Rëzo curly consultation


rëzo curly haircut

    $88 - $132+


Our curly cut service is a dry cutting technique that takes approximately 1.5-2 hours. We start with a thorough consultation where we analyze your texture, curl patterns and talk about length and your desires.


Next we'll send you home with a hair prep kit to prep your hair for service day. We'll then customize your cut to your unique curl patterns, followed by a cleanse/detox and treatment.


Our goal is that you'll leave feeling confident caring for your curls at home, so we offer an in-depth product knowledge and a step by step styling process that you can recreate at home!

View the video below to prep for your curly cut!

Please read and follow the instructions below to ensure the best curly haircut:

1. Shampoo your hair at-least twice to ensure the hair and scalp are clean from product and/oils 

2. Use a conditioner or mask mids, to ends and using fingers or comb to detangle hair 

3. If needed use a leave in detangler spray or cream mid to ends to ensure your hair is tangle free. Use fingers or a wide to comb to detangle 

4. Let hair dry 100% in its natural state

❌ no clips

❌ no ponytails

❌ bobby pins 


***If you arrive without following the instructions above, additional charges may be added or we may have to reschedule your appointment. 

Meet the Team.

Some of our Favorite Curly Products

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