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Curly Chronicles Vol 1: Should you be getting a curly cut?

Curly hair is a blessing and a curse. Some days you wake up and you're Shakira, other days you're sporting an electrocuted look, you just never know. As curly girls ourselves, we know the struggle and we are excited to share our extended knowledge with you! Our Curly Mission at Genesis, is to educate you on your curly journey, so that you can feel confident and beautiful while wearing your natural hair. Whether it’s for you personally, or for your sons or daughters, we are here to make curly dreams a reality!

Rëzo Curly Cut vs. Genesis Signature Haircut & Style:

The term "Rëzo" is the name of the method of curly cutting we use. Our Rëzo Curly team specializes in a dry cutting technique that can save as much length as possible, remove bulk and/or add volume. This method allows us to customize your cut specifically to your curl pattern(s), your face shape and your desired look! When cutting curly hair the traditional way, you're risking maximum shrinkage and unevenness due to having different curl patterns and textures. Shrinkage is real, que the salon horror stories. All Curly girls have multiple curl patterns and different textures. Because of this, we require you to come to your Curly Cut appointment all natural! Let your hair air dry 100% and use little to no product. This will allow us to see all those different curl patterns in their natural state, which determines how we customize your haircut to achieve the look you desire and enhance your curls, with minimal shrinkage!

We pair our curly cut with a hair detox and hydrating treatment so your curls will be light and full of bounce! Most Curly girls use so much product to control the frizz that over time, those products will coat the hair and weigh it down. This causes build up to the point where your hair isn't receiving moisture and it becomes dull and grimy feeling. Our Redken Hair Cleansing detox shampoo will remove all that build up and cleanse your hair & scalp so good, you'll instantly feel refreshed! All curls are thirsty! They need extra hydration and they need moisture!! Our new Kerastase Fusio dose hair treatment is perfect to add on to a curly cut service. We customize this treatment depending on what your hair is lacking. We always recommend these additional services for superior results!

Service Info:

A Rëzo Curly Cut service can take 1.5 to 2 hours. The service includes an in-depth styling and product knowledge portion where we educate you on the products that are best for your hair and how to use them. We show you what to use, how much to use and how to use it. We are very detailed on this because we want you to feel confident when you’re styling your beautiful hair at home! We dry your hair anywhere from 80 to 100% so we can see how your curls respond to the cut and the styling products, then if we need to, we add extra detailing to the cut. Whether you diffuse your hair or if you’re more of a wash and go person, your haircut will look amazing! Your stylist will finish the service with a quick photo shoot! You're going to want before and after us!

So whether you’re just beginning your curly journey and don’t know where to start or you’re a mom to a curly little one and feel confused, we are here for you. We require all new guests to schedule a Rezo Curly Cut consultation for a fee of $25. This will allow for a 30 minute time slot with your stylist to get all the details figured out, book the time needed for your hair cut appointment and then send you home with a hair kit valued at $38.52 - that includes all the right products to get you ready for your salon experience. Schedule your consultation appointment with one of our curly specialists today and let’s get your Curly journey started!


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