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There’s some debate about whether or not getting your hair trimmed to make it grow is beneficial or not. So let's talk about it. Here are 3 points as to why I, as a hairstylist, thinks trims are helpful when it comes to growing stronger, healthier hair.

First off, your hair grows ON AVERAGE, 1/2 an inch every month. I put on average in caps because not everyone’s hair grows at the same rate. So if your hair grows slowly you may get a quarter of an inch a month and if it grows quickly you may see more than a half an inch etc. Part of the debate I’ve been hearing is that when you go to the salon every 4 weeks for a “trim” you’re cutting off everything you’ve grown out so you’re back to where you started. Which, drumroll please, is partially true!! Crazy right?! But this is where COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR STYLIST takes place. If you want to grow your hair out then I want to see you in my chair every 8 weeks and baby girl, we’re taking a quarter of an inch off, MAX! So, in 8 weeks, your hair has probably grown 1 inch, but we are only going to cut off 1/4 of an inch. So that means, you have an extra 3/4 to 1 inch of new hair every 8 weeks!!!

Secondly. Why get the trim in the first place??? Because what do you do when plants die in the winter? You trim it back in the spring correct? So you can get these gorgeous flowers and blooms. However if you’re like me no amount of trimming can keep my plants alive but that’s not the point. It’s the same concept with hair. The ends of your hair are dead. D-E-A-D. If you are not getting regular trims to take off those little dead ends, your hair WILL continue to grow. However, when you come in for a haircut 6 months later, 6 inches of your hair is dead, instead of a quarter of it.

Thirdly, getting those trims helps keep your hair looking thicker and fuller. I know every girl reading this has said how much they love their hair and how much better it feels after a haircut. Your hair can stay looking like that if regular appointments are made to get to your desired length.

And lastly. It’s about trust. I know that sounds sappy and doesn’t have any science or facts behind it, but it is so important. You and your stylist need to have that conversation of you wanting to grow your hair out. I personally love when my clients are so specific and tell me exactly what they want. More than half of them follow up with “what do you think? I trust your opinion”. Don’t be afraid to tell your stylist - “hey I wanna grow my hair, so can we just do baby trims so I can get some length on these luscious locks?!” I promise you 9 times out of 10 your stylist will be more than game for whatever you want to do! So if you haven’t made that haircut appointment, book online or call either Genesis location and let’s get you to your hair goals.


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